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Campaign Start Date: 03-Sep-13
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ID: 49010 Active on: 09/03/2013
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Merchant provided description:
Lipogen PS Plus | Sharpen Your Memory & Improve Your Mood

Lipogen Affiliate Program

Earn Money By Helping People Improve Their Memory!

* Lipogen contains PS (Phosphatidylserine) - the only brain support dietary ingredient with an "FDA Qualified Health Claim" for cognitive dysfunction and Dementia. *

Program Benefits:

  • 10% Commission per sale
  • 90 days cookies duration!
  • Customized Affiliate Programs are available based on performance
  • High Conversion Rates
  • Promotions and coupons are available upon request
  • 2-Tiered Commissions are available

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About Lipogen PS Plus


Lipogen PS Plus is a Brain Support Supplement clinically proven to boost memory, reduce stress and energize the brain.

Lipogen PS Plus contains PS (Phosphatidylserine); PS naturally occurs in the brain, however levels start to diminish with age. When you’re in your late 20s, you begin to lose brain cells a few at a time. Your body also starts to make less of the molecules like phosphatidylserine that your brain cells need to function. The older you are, the more these changes can affect your memory. In fact, dying and dysfunctional brain cells may be a primary cause of deteriorating memory as well as other aspects of cognitive decline.

Lipogen optimizes PS levels in the brain and reduce the risks of age related cognitive dysfunction & Dementia by putting the "essence" of brain cells into an easy to swallow capsule!

Lipogen PS Plus is the world’s first highly advanced phosphatidylserine and phosphatidic acid complex made from soy lecithin. This patented, breakthrough “Brain Building Blocks Nutrients” uses a safe plant source, soy, to create a potent, clean, fast absorbing formula.

Why Lipogen?

FDA Approved - PS is the ONLY natural brain support dietary supplement that has an "FDA Qualified health claim” for both - COGNITION and DEMENTIA!

Natural Supplement made from Soy lecithin.

Memory Improvement is evident within 3-6 weeks.

Clinically shown to help improve memory and even mood - Research has shown that subjects that used Lipogen reduced their cognitive biological age by up to 4 years!

People using the formula reported their mental fog has lifted, replaced by clear thinking, memory recall and ability to focus.

Lipogen sharpens your brain, energizes your mind and elevates your mood. Lipogen is not just another supplement, its positive effects on memory and mood has been proven with significance in research & clinical data.

Shipment is available throughout the US.


Program Support

Lipogen website only targets US audience and for FDA approval reasons may be blocked for viewers outside the US. If you're experiencing troubles viewing it, please use the following proxy: and enter Lipogen URL ( to unblock the website to your location. I would like to assure you that the website works properly in the US.

We are here to help you sell and build your affiliate business with Lipogen! We're happy to support your initiatives or marketing ideas. Please contact me for any assistance.

Maya Tako

Lipogen Affiliate Manager

Merchant provided Terms of Agreement:
• PPC Bidding on Brand Keywords on Google is PROHIBITED; however, Trademark Plus keywords are ALLOWED. • Affiliates may not use "" or any other domain related URL's as the display URL in their listings on search engines • Blind redirects are not permitted - Affiliates must drive shoppers to their own domain, then to the appropriate landing page on • Affiliates may not use the word "official" or phrase "official site" in search results for Lipogen • There are no restrictions for affiliates promoting in Bing/Yahoo or any other search network.

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