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Sale Commission: 15.00 %
Tracking Cookie lasts for 180 Days after the initial clickthru.
Campaign Start Date: 16-Nov-09
Auto-Approval of Affiliates: No
Last Compliance Test Completed: 09/20/2019 06:23:30 AM
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Martin Global Media LLC

ID: 24104 Active on: 11/16/2009
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Merchant provided description:
At York Photo, we pride ourselves in giving you the highest quality film developing and photo products at the lowest prices. We do this by cutting out the middleman; you deal directly with the film processor.

After more than 60 years in business, we know that there is nothing more important than your memories. That is why we take the utmost care with your photos by utilizing the most up-to-date equipment, the best paper and chemicals, and a highly trained and certified staff.

To help you promote we offer:

    • 20% Commission on first purchase made by new to file customer - A new to file customer is a customer who has never previously placed on order and completed the payment process on the York Photo site.
    • Tiered Bonus Structure on first purchase made by new to file customer (in addition to the 20% commission):

  • Order Value ---------> Bonus

  • $0.00 -------------------> $4
    $0.01 - $2.99 -----------> $6
    $3.00 - $9.99 -----------> $8
    $10.00 - $18.99 --------> $10
    $19.00 - $24.99 --------> $12
    $25.00 - ----------------> $15
    Example: If the new customer places a first order for $20. The Publisher referring the customer will receive $4.00 (20%) sales commission + $12 in bonus. In this example the total commission on first order is $16.00..

    • 15% Commission on repeat orders in the cookie period – A customer that returns and places a purchase at the York Photo site who has previously met the new to file customer purchase criteria.
    • 180 day cookie for conversion tracking
    • Attractive Seasonal and Year around offers and deals to help You convert your traffic to York Photo customers
    • Holiday Season Bonuses for High Performing Affiliates

  • Year around offer of 40 Free prints for all new customers
  • New monthly and Seasonal offers with coupon codes and rebates
  • An everyday low print price of 8 cents each!
  • Unlimited Photo storage for all members
  • Free photo sharing
  • Huge selection of photo products
  • Guaranteed customer satisfaction
  • A flexible affiliate team willing to work with you to make the program as profitable as possible for everyone.

Merchant provided Terms of Agreement:

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